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Yamdrok Lake

Inner Mongolia to the Everest
Mongolia-China,Tibet-Nepal / 20 days
12. Oct. - 31. Oct. 2024

12. Oct. - 31. Oct. 2025


  • Ruins of old Great Wall

  • Pingyao Ancient City, one of the most well-preserved ancient spots​ in China

  • Meet the Terracotta Army

  • Pandas visiting in Chengdu

  • G318, one of the roads with most beautiful scenery in China which connects Chengdu and Lhasa

  • Lhasa, the holy city and center of Tibetan world

  • Breathtaking view of the Everest​


Day 01 -- Zamiin-Uud, Mongolia-Erenhot, China


Day 02-05 -- Erenhot-Pingyao-Xi'an


Day 06-13 -- Xi'an-Chengdu-Ranwu Lake


Day 14-19 -- Ranwu Lake-Lhasa-Gyirong

Day 20 -- Gyirong, China-Rasuwa Ghadhi, Nepal

More details on request.


Customize Your Tour

This is a group tour with a fixed itinerary and tour dates. If you would be interested in your own customized and private tour, please contact us at, we'll be glad to design a tour just for you.

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